Re: Can one use CUSM with TIA?

Richard Jones (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 11:35:58 -0500


I have just installed CUSeeMe Version W0.34b4 on my 486-33 with 12mb
mem. with ISDN (64k) connection to internet. Video 4 Windows is
installed, but no camera or video capture boards. If I connect to a
site and see a list of people, clicking on most of them gives me the
message :

CU-SeeMe for the PC does not currently support the Video Send mode of
this sender

I have noticed that peoples names with [x] to the left of them give me
this message and people with [v] work ok. I cant find any referrence
to this anywhere. What is the difference between these and why doesnt
it work.
Also, is it possible to buy the necessary cameras in the UK and if
poss where/how much. Any information is gratefully receive.
My knowledge of how this works is quite small at the moment. Is t
possible to connect to MBone broadcasts with this?

I have noticed in some mail referrence to various FAQ's, but I cant
seem to find them. I couldnt see any at where I pulled
CUSeeMe down from yesterday.

Any help is appreciated as I'm keen to get involved in this exciting

Richard Jones