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Julian Humphries (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 13:06:27 -0500

A quick report on another compatible video frame grabber for
Microsoft Windows usage with CUSEEME.

I have (have had for several years actually) a ComputerEyes/RT
frame grabber from Digital Vision (617-329-5400). This is a
512x512 pixel, 8-24 bit, real time capture board which lists
for $399. I recently downloaded the Windows version of the
controlling software (from their BBS) and tried with with
CUSEEME. It almost worked. A call to tech support (which is
excellent) and email to the CUSEEME team revealed the need for special
drivers (which I guess they wrote just to work with CUSEEME).
Those too are now on the BBS (library 10).

I had already installed CUSEEME on my PC (Ethernet based) and
it had worked successfully in receive only mode. Adding the video
input produced some temporary problems, it is necessary to go
into the video format dialog under FILE and change the format
to 160x120, 8 bit palletized. The image is not particularly
great, but definitely usable. Send and receive work fine.
(I presume developers know about the bug that makes selecting
individual users from the listbox window not function after 8??
active senders)

I am using the fixed focus lens camera that came with my Sun
SunVideo setup (probably a $200 color video camera), but have also
experimented with other CCD cameras. All work fine with this

A postscript. I noticed on their BBS that Digital Vision has a
discontinued version of the BW ComputerEyes board for only
$129 (Composite only I believe). I have no idea whether this
will work with CUSEEME, but it is probably worth giving them
a call. Add a $100 camera (or you own camcorder) and you will
lose that "lurker" status quickly.

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