Re: Reflector names in DNS

Craig Miller (cvmiller@UHUNIX.UHCC.HAWAII.EDU)
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 13:58:46 -0500

At 11:24 AM 2/3/95, Robert D. Beal wrote:
>I was just wondering if there's any set name for reflector aliases in DNS as
>there is for FTP and Web sites ( and If I
>remember correctly, CU-SeeMe didn't support DNS, but I've noticed recently
>that I can type in host names and make a connection to a reflector. So, is
>there some standard like, or And
>if not, what do ya'll think a good one would be?

I am glad someone is trying something new in those connect windows. I
hadn't realized the crack team on Cornell had put in DNS. Now that it is
here, I agree a standard naming would be nice. Reflector is a little long,
I vote for CUSM, so it would be something like


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