Gary Vankirk (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 06:14:09 -0500

Michael Sattler wrote:

> I'm sending this note to
>the list at large to let them know that ShrinkWrap is a totally magnificent
>disk image utility that obsoletes MountImage and MungeImage, and possibly
>Apple Disk Copy as well. It doesn't suffer from the fatal flaw that
>MountImage has with fragmented files on the master disk (causes the
>installed files to be subtlely corrupt).

I tried ShrinkWrap and threw it away. It will not replace Apple DiskCopy
because you can't copy a disk with it. I store backups of my software as
image files and found out the hard way about ShrinkWrap. A disk I thought
was backed up via ShrinkWrap went bad and when I tried to make a dup--no
go. I'll stick with the DiskCopy-MountImage-Mt.Image triumvirate: does what
I need and I've never had a problem.