OS2 Warp versus Windows

Ian Simmins (damien666@easynet.co.uk)
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 07:41:03 -0500

Can anyone give personal comparison of using CU-SeeMe with,

a) OS2 Warp with IBM's TCP/IP extension

b) Windows 3.1 with Trumpet Winsock 2.0B

Not Windows within Warp.

I am looking for things like fps and kbps rates. I know that Windows 95 is
to have TCP/IP compatiability built in. Do you think that this will compare
with the performance of Windows NT/CU-SeeMe? Thanks for your help,

I'll get that Mac one day!


Ian Simmins,
Nr. Sidmouth, Devon,
South West England. damien666@easynet.co.uk