Re: ShrinkWrap

Alan S. Dobkin (adobkin@Emory.Edu)
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 16:09:10 -0500

On Fri, 3 Feb 1995, Gary Vankirk wrote:

> Michael Sattler wrote:
> > I'm sending this note to the
> >list at large to let them know that ShrinkWrap is a totally magnificent
> >disk image utility that obsoletes MountImage and MungeImage, and possibly
> >Apple Disk Copy as well. It doesn't suffer from the fatal flaw that
> >MountImage has with fragmented files on the master disk (causes the
> >installed files to be subtlely corrupt).
> I tried ShrinkWrap and threw it away. It will not replace Apple DiskCopy
> because you can't copy a disk with it. I store backups of my software as
> image files and found out the hard way about ShrinkWrap. A disk I thought
> was backed up via ShrinkWrap went bad and when I tried to make a dup--no
> go. I'll stick with the DiskCopy-MountImage-Mt.Image triumvirate: does what
> I need and I've never had a problem.
> --gv

No offense Gary, but you obviously didn't RTFM for ShrinkWrap. Even the
About ShrinkWrap box clearly indicates the different drag-and-drop
instructions for creating image files, mounting image files, mounting
folders, unmounting images, mounting images as unlocked disks, copying
images to floppy disks, converting images to other file formats, etc.
You can also use the menu commands to duplicate diskettes, verify images,
verify diskettes, and perform all of the drag-and-drop commands I listed.
And, if you so choose, you can have ShrinkWrap write in DiskCopy format.

Give it another try....

Also, what Michael said (below) is true as well. MountImage causes some
very well-known problems, especially when using mounted disk images to
install software. If you don't like ShrinkWrap, try DiskDup+ (2.6).

On Sat, 4 Feb 1995, Michael Sattler wrote:

> >I'll stick with the DiskCopy-MountImage-Mt.Image triumvirate: does what
> >I need and I've never had a problem.
> Even the MountImage developers discourage people from using their product
> any more, but you go right ahead.

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Excerpt from ShrinkWrap Read Me follows (TM codes removed for readability):


A drag and drop utility for Apple disk images.
Copyright (c)1994-1995, by Chad Magendanz

Version 1.2.1 - 25 Jan 95

ShrinkWrap was created for four basic purposes:

1. To create DiskCopy disk images quickly and efficiently:
Using ShrinkWrap, you can create DiskCopy disk images by simply
dragging and dropping your floppy disk icons onto the ShrinkWrap icon.

2. To provide a convenient and reliable means of mounting multiple disk
images on the desktop:
Like Apple's MountImage control panel, ShrinkWrap will mount image
files on the desktop that to the system will appear identical to the
original floppy disks. However, since ShrinkWrap is an application, it
will never cause INIT conflicts and will never require any memory until
it's actually run. To mount image files, simply drag and drop the image
file icons onto the ShrinkWrap icon. Image files can even be mounted as
unlocked disks by holding down the Shift key during launch.

3. To seamlessly handle image files in their archived form:
ShrinkWrap will automatically compress and decompress archived image
files on-the-fly with Aladdin's StuffIt Engine. Now that the StuffIt
Engine has been released as shareware with the DropStuff with Expander
Enhancer package, you don't even have to own StuffIt Deluxe to take
advantage of these convenient compression features.

4. To provide a freely distributable alternative to Apple's DiskCopy,
DART and MountImage:
These products cannot yet legally be licensed for redistribution. Apple
Computer, Inc. is working to create a license, but until that time, you
may not legally redistribute it once you receive a copy from an
authorized Apple source.