Re: Sincere Apologies

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 01:24:50 -0500

At 05:37 2/5/95, Gary Vankirk wrote:
>>My dear fellow humans,
>> I must apologise to you all for some rather rude email which was
>>bounced to a few of you from this mailing list. A rather drunk
>>friend of mine (a Biochemist of course!!), got access to my terminal
>>for a while, and replied to some of my mail.
>Hmmm. And I just figured it was Michael Sattler using an assumed name.
>(Sorry, Michael. Couldn't resist ;-))

When I post rude, drunk, and completely incoherent e-mail I only post from
"", where people are used to it :-)

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