Re: question about this list

Ian Simmins (
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 11:18:11 -0500

>Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 14:19:46 -0500
>From: "harry noel" <>

>I have a mac and I really do not need to read about the PC
>side of the program. Most likely, the PC users feel the same
>way about the mac version.
>Of course, there are people who work with both versions
>of the program. But, would it be reasonable to have two lists,
>one for pc and for mac?

You snob! What do you want when use of the Power PC becomes
widespread.........? :-)

I know, separate buildings for the development of both platforms! :-)

Ian Simmins,
Nr. Sidmouth, Devon,
South West England.