CUSEEME & TIA and testbed....

David G. Finkelstein (
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 06:50:13 -0500

Hi All,

There has been an interesting thread going on related to TIA
and CUSEEME... I figured I'd try playing around with it too...
And found that I could fool TIA into sending the ip address
of the host I was on by changing the IP address in Winsock...
(eliminating the problem with non matching IP addresses seen
by the reflector, for TIA and for host)

This way, I try to connect to the testbed (sorry I forget the name
of the person who set that up, you know who you are, thanx)

I can connect to the testbed and see my name there....
But I can't seem to connect anywhere else.. I always get
'No response from host'

It's like we're getting close, but not close enough....