Re: My Video Window

Mon, 6 Feb 1995 17:43:25 -0500

> Hello all.
> I'm a happy user of CU-SeeMe.
> I'm using it on a 486DX-33MHz with 20Mb of RAM a Video Blaster and a CCD
> Color Camera. Though I have a problem. My Video Window is BLACK.
> I don't think I'm able of sending video ...
> Any ideas? Do you think it's the 20Mb of RAM? Video Blaster is NOT
> supposed to work with more than 15Mb ...
> And something else. Could you please send me a list of reflectors ?
> Thanks in advance ....
> ====================
> Akis Zografos

I have spent many an hour trying to outsmart the Video Blaster system
memory limit. Since the card must use 1 meg of system memory
addresses between 1 and 15 meg - if you have more than 15 meg of
on-board memory installed, video memory doesn't work. The result is
a black video view box. I am running CU-SeeMe on a Dell 486D/66 with 16
meg of on-board memory. One easy fix is to remove enough memory,
totalling to something less than or equal to 15 meg, reset your
video memory starting address to something after that, and you should
be in business. My problem is that I only have one 16Mbyte SIMM ram
card on my motherboard, and nothing of substance will run without it.
After lengthy discussions with both Dell & Creative Labs technical
reps, I've come up with NO solutions. If anyone has any ideas, give
me a shout.

Jeffrey B. Lasater (
Space Industries, Inc., Houston