Re: Stereo Video (was Re: Run two copies of CU-SeeMe on one Mac?
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 19:24:21 -0500

Dear Dave,

This month I exepct a major chip manufaturer to be beta testing set top
box chips that will bring Internet to the house at up to 28MBPS.
Along with video-on-demand, this opens the possibility for distributed
interactive applications in the home...I'm sure you see what I'm
getting at now.

I like one thing in particular about your approach. That is that the
frame rate of Cu-SeeMe leaves something to be desired. In most cases
slow frame rate is not the result of a saturated network. Thus I must
surmise that there will not be a 1:1 penalty in terns of bandwidth for
a second system (for the other eye). Additionally, the PC is not
particularly suited for graphics (moving or otherwise) and this
duplicative approach reduces, somewhat the IO bottlenecks that would
become a problem sooner or later.

Best Regards,

Patrick T. Stingley
(301) 713-0882 x104

P.S. Give a call sometime. I am about to begin working on a NASA
related project.