Re: InterSLIP v. MacSLIP

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 04:13:21 -0500

At 19:53 2/6/95, Robert D. Peckham wrote:

>I use interslip, because it was available for free. I do not believe this
>is so for Macslip, yet the product is still there. I would be curious to
>see if there are any MacSlip users who are trying CU-SeeMe (video) remote
>to see if there is any difference between it and interslip....

I evaluated both of them last year. For all the purported benefits of
MacSLIP, I didn't see any reason to go with them, given that InterSLIP
works well, has a huge user base, and is free. I use it every day, with
darn few problems. It's not that I mind spending money on software, but I
have to get something for that money.

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