RE: PC / Windows
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 11:35:13 -0500

> I'm trying to get CU-SeeMe running on a PC. I got
>version 0.34b4 from I have the Chameleon
>by NetManage Windows Sockets stacks. I made sure that there
>was only 1 copy of msvideo.dll on my system, and that it was
>in the \windows\system directory. I have a camcorder with a
>Video Spigot capture board hooked up to my computer. It
>works fine to capture video with Microsoft Video for Windows.
>I specified my hostname in the hosts file (which is in the
>directory that contains my Windows sockets stack). In the
>hosts file I also specified my IP address which I got
>(after connecting) from the Newt program which runs with
> But when I run cuseeme.exe it says "Hmmm....there may
>be a problem Gethostbyname0 failed (11004)". Could you
>please help me understand what I'm doing wrong? Any advice
>you can give me would be apreciated. Thanks.
Hi bb,

Does your Host Name in Custom setup match the host name ( in the
hosts file on the line following the address you edited in from the session (assuming
BOOTP), or did you just edit in the numerical address (123.456.78.90)? I think you
need both.


pap :>)