pt - pt mode pc

arvell (
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 15:39:28 -0500

Arvell here,
I will be available tonight for anyone with the pc version to do a pt to pt
slip connection at 14.4. I will post my current IP(my ip is not dedicated)
to the list periodically. It will be in the range of 198.80.88.??.My setup
is a 486sx25 4mg ram a media vision pro audio studio sound and capture brds,
a b&g b/w spy camamera and the latest cuseeme software. I also have the
internet global phone software which is a compression type of delayed audio
in 8 or 16 bits(i couldnt tell the difference). the igp can be found at
ftp.cica.indiana .edu /pc/pub/win3/demo its called Hoping to
CU pc users so we can experiment with our version more effectively. Any
assistance from anyone will be greatly appriciated because I have made only
minimal progress in a satisfactory connection with this software.
Arvell in Dallas