Borre Ludvigsen (
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 16:13:10 -0500

We have and will be running a demo of CU-SeeMe over an ISDN link until
friday this week. The demo is being run from the Software 95 exhibition
in Oslo, Norway by our 3rd year students at the Ostfold College.

Demo times are 1000 - 1800 local time (1000-200) thursday
0900 - 1700 UTC
0400 - 1200 EST

We'll be happy to see you drop by, but don't be disappointed if your
window is closed because of line saturation. The link is also being used
to demonstrate other internet applications.

We're using our normal reflector:

In our demo, which is sponsored by Uninett and TeleNor, we are running a
standard ISDN account with 2 * 64K carrying IP from the local Ethernet at
the exhibition into the Norwegian internet backbone. The "black boxes"
are Cisco routers with ISDN ports.

Questions to Halvor Kise <>.

- Barre