another compatible capture brd

arvell hairston (
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 18:45:35 -0500

Arvell here,
while working with the shadow in tennesee configuring chameleon for internet
use we tried cuseeme using a 14.4/19200 ppp conection,chameleon tcpip,a***
WINTVtuner capture brd**** set at 8bit,cuseeme pc version,with a camcorder,>
to my 14.4/19200 slip connection,chameleon tcpip,media vision promovie
spectrum capture brd set at 256color(8bit),cuseeme pc,with a b&g spy cam, I
was able to rec his video (jerky) and text but i got write errors msg
windows that keep popping up in response to me typing text. shdow rec my
video as a rev polarity (neg image). it appears that the capture brds that i
see that are compatible with cuseeme pc version have an overlay capability
(full screen,tv tuner, feature connector,) that can run real time without
cpu or buffering of some type. my capture brds are cpu dependent and cannot
support full screen or overlay,AH HA!!!! any comments on my observations.
dont shoot me down too bad because i finally feel as if i made a reasonable
contribution to this list.
please look for my ip tonight you pc users who were intrested intesting or
by all means lets choose a test relector site.
arvell in dallas