Re[3]: Can one use CUSM with TIA? direct 1-1 connect?
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 19:58:16 -0500


If TIA was working, then this should work. I don't understand. We are
getting your packets here, so TIA is sending them. If I didn't have
your packets in my log file I would say that TIA is not working, but as
it is it's hard to tell what the problem is. perhaps the packets are
getting garbled. At this point I think we need to refer this to
Cornell (I'm not sure what a good packet should look like.)

Patrick and others following this thread:

At 8:58 PM 2/7/95, wrote:

> Perhaps you can set up a time to connect with someone who has a camera.
> I tried my system out against one of the developers systems at Cornell,
> but perhaps there is another Cu-SeeMe user out there with a camera with
> whom you can connect directly. Just have them use their Cu-SeeMe
> client in transmit mode (not connected to a reflector) and you enter
> their IP address in and connect with their machine. This should work.

I am in my office at work.
My ethernet Mac is on ( with my QuickCam up and running.

I have my old PowerBook 170 connected via dialup TIA SLIP.

I _CANNOT_ get the TIA PowerBook to see CUSM running on the ethernet Mac,
that is, a direct 1-1 connection.("no response from"

I can connect via real SLIP, no worries.

So, Patrick, I cannot replicate your scenario above.
_Should_ it work? That is the whole question....

Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
Academic Services Unit  Murdoch University