o.k., my problem is worth looking at!

\rD> (u33743@UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU)
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 00:58:24 -0500

Hello, first, I love it.

My config:
-latest v. of CUSM
-SLIP connection @ 57,600
-not using audio...
-Mac TCP v2.0.4 (using MacSLIP)

I have been testing this by going to school and attempting a pt.-pt.
connection from the hardwired machines there. Once, it worked, but only
for a few minutes.
I discovered that the modem keeps going off the hook, but, I discovered
this while connected to a reflector at home and my modem suddenly went off
the hook.
Going off the hook has never happened and I use the SLIP connection heavily
with W3, Fetch, and everything else...so I am inclined to believe that it
may be something with CUSM. <although this would seem to be a network
problem, but..>

any clue??


<robert denton>
analytic to the discursive
<univ. of illinois, chicago>