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Richard Jones (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 04:23:58 -0500


We're using ISDN here (64k) and using the PC version, so no sound yet
(any idea when?). A couple of days ago I was getting 17 fps, but
yesterday it was pretty poor, down to about 2 or 3 (from the oslo
reflectors, a bit higher from NASA TV). So it all depends on what is
happeneing on the internet that day. But performance could be pretty
high. SHould be better than dial-up, in theory :-)

Richard Jones

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Hello All,

I'm about ready to make to make the move to ISDN. Right now, with a 28.8
v34, the performance I get with CU-SM is marginal at best. (Believe me, I
understand the creators did not have dial up modems in mind when they
created this cool product.)

My question is: What kind of performance can I expect with an ISDN (2 B
channel) connection? Will 32k audio work? Will 16k audio work?

I know this next question was discussed here before, but my limited brain
bandwith didn't 'get it'.

If a viewer connects to a reflector at 28.8k, will he drag down the
performance of other ISDN connections. For example, a good Bolo game can
be ruined when a 9600 baud modem joins. Does CU-SM fall to the lowest
bandwith demoninator?


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