Re[2]: Ready for ISDN

Richard Jones (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 06:35:24 -0500

> Hi
> We're using ISDN here (64k) and using the PC version, so no
sound yet > (any idea when?). A couple of days ago I was getting
17 fps, but
> yesterday it was pretty poor, down to about 2 or 3 (from the
> reflectors, a bit higher from NASA TV). So it all depends on
what is > happeneing on the internet that day. But performance
could be pretty > high. SHould be better than dial-up, in theory

>Yeah, I found out today this whole network thing is based on how much
>bandwidth is available and how much is being used. LIke my access
>provider told me today that he has a T1 line, which I think he said
>was 1.5mbps or something like that, but each person that logs on uses
>a certain amount of that total. The more people on, the less
>available, the slower the connection becomes. Ain't that
>interesting? So, where do you access from? A school or office, not
>home for sure...?... The other thing about my access provider, he
>said whatever of that T1 line is not being used he gets to use!!! I
>asked him if he was hiring, :) and he said the waiting list is
>getting longer and longer.

I access at the office. We're getting a kilostream line soon (64 or
128, not sure which) which should be better as I find ISND HIGHLY
unreliable. The line keeps dropping, that sort of thing. We're
becoming an access provider soon and I guess that we'll also user
whatevers left over. Trouble is I'm pretty sure that there wont be
too much left now internet fever is hitting everybody and people are
using cuseeme !!!