talk & audio 4Win; entertaining reflector; targa+ work?; other prog.

Chris Sidi *A man with a passion to create* (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 14:18:50 -0500


1) when might talk or audio be put on windows?
If the developers or other experimenters want a add-on product like Maven,
I found this, don't believe it's FTPable:

>INTERNET PHONE (by Vocal Tec Ltd.) (Beta testing now)
> For those interested in the product, it installs very easily
>under winsock, requires a sound board and microphone (or the company's
>proprietary speech card), and unlike every other voice communications
>program I've seen for the Inet it runs in real time, using a vox to
>switch between receive and transmit modes automatically...

2) I know CU-SEEME is more about communication, but I like the idea of kindof
personal tv...though videotapes maybe a better way to go...any entertaining
reflectors (besides Cornell II after dark :)

3) Computer I'm using has a Targa Plus video capture I believe...any know
if it will work with Video 4 Windows and CU-SeeMe...I think the card's
kinda old..

4) Any other audio or video communication shareware besides:

Maven, Internet Voice Chat, Internet Global Phone, Radio for Unix (each
workstation on a network broadcasts on a different "station")
(and the commerical program NetPhone)

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