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Michael Sattler (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 14:58:37 -0500

At 14:12 2/7/95, wrote:
>Dear Michael,
>What would you say is the best configuration for Cu-SeeMe?

Anything that winds up with someone buying me several hundred thousand
dollars of PowerPCs, video cameras, and T-3 access right to the house :-)

>Can I just get a powerbook, Connectix camera, Macslip (with modem)?

Wipe that "just" out of the sentence, and you'll be right on target. I use
a PB 520c (that's just waiting for the PowerPC upgrade board), a QuickCam,
and Intercon's free InterSLIP (

>Is there any need for additional hardware for a Mac laptop?

None whatsoever.

> What would you say is the best combination for an IBM PC user?

Buy a Macintosh. Okay, sit down, all of you.

At the office I used to have an IBM ThinkPad 750c that loved to be a
CU-SeeMe pipe. Personally, I don't care what hardware you have as long as
you can keep it up and running to your satisfaction. We had everything
from deskbound 386 and Pentii to laptop ThinkPads and Toshibas running

I used to work for FTP Software, and so I feel I can heartily say that I'd
stay the hell away from it, especially if you need a somewhat-configurable
SLIP dialer. All PC-based TCP/IP packages seem to me to be krufty at best,
but several of my clients are very pleased with the drain-bamaged version
of Chameleon they get with Adam Engst's Internet Starter Kit for Windows
(hint, hint).

>I have read your web pages and I think these could be added to them.

I'll see what the list says in response, and I'll add them. I'm about to
make a complete overhaul of the CU-SeeMe pages, so if you have something
you want to see there, to help me with, etc., now would be a very good time
to say something.

>In addition to my wanting your input on these matters, I think that new
>users who are considering Cu-SeeMe would like a "preferred
>configuration" before they purchase something.

Funny. I always thought that people had to be somewhat on-line and
net-saavy to be able to find CU-SeeMe at all, but I might be wrong about
that, give what I've recently seen about the understanding of bandwidth
usage. I'll be trying to add more novice stuff to the web pages. Your
suggestions, folks?

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