Re: ISDN info anyone?

Kevin at Freeside Support (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 19:28:30 -0500

> >Specifically, I'm wondering what I need to connect to the line e.g. router,
> >ISDN *modem*, etc. Also, I'd like to hear about CU-SeeMe performance over
> >this kind of bandwidth: 56k-64k.
> Having just finished several months of research into this matter (we're
> doing an ISDN centrex network all thru the Haight/Asbury) I can suggest the
> Ascend Pipeline 50.

I've been using the Pipelines for months.. good boxes.. I bet CU-SeeMe
would be nice over it if the Windows version worked a little better (it's
not all CU-SeeMe's fault, my Windows TCP/IP isn't very good, but then I
don't run Windows more than a few hours a week so it isn't so bad).


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