Re: ISDN info anyone?

David S. Bennahum (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 20:30:56 -0500

>> >Specifically, I'm wondering what I need to connect to the line e.g. router,
>> >ISDN *modem*, etc. Also, I'd like to hear about CU-SeeMe performance over
>> >this kind of bandwidth: 56k-64k.

I use a QuickAccess Remote ISDN box at 56K/sec connected to my Mac IIcx for
cusm, and it isn't worth it (great for the Web though). The image remains
choppy, audio fragments to shreds, I think 128K/sec probably would be fine.
Unfortunately, the port on my Mac will not go over 56K/sec, so I'm stuck.
Unless, is there a way to "upgrade" my port speed? Then I could bind my 2
B channels and come in at 128K. Is this possible?