Re: Can't Find Reflector

Michael Sattler (
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 22:59:17 -0500

At 07:51 2/8/95, Todd Zuccolo wrote:
>I have a list of reflector sites for cuseeme, but all I can find there
>when I log on through WWW is home pages talking about Cuseeme, and no
>place to plug into it. When I try logging on through regular telnet, I get
>asked for a password. How can I plug in to a reflector?

What you've sent out is the contents of some of my web pages, as seen thru
a text-only browser like Lynx. That's not a list of reflectors. I'll send
you one under separate cover. Since you're using Lynx I want to make sure
you understand that you'll need a TCP/IP connection to use CU-SeeMe. Then
you'd be using NCSA Mosaic or (my favorite) Netscape to browse the web.

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