Re: ISDN info anyone?

Robert M Coben (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 00:09:16 -0500

>> >Specifically, I'm wondering what I need to connect to the line e.g. router,
>> >ISDN *modem*, etc. Also, I'd like to hear about CU-SeeMe performance over
>> >this kind of bandwidth: 56k-64k.

>I use a QuickAccess Remote ISDN box at 56K/sec connected to my Mac IIcx for
>cusm, and it isn't worth it (great for the Web though). The image remains
>choppy, audio fragments to shreds, I think 128K/sec probably would be fine.
>Unfortunately, the port on my Mac will not go over 56K/sec, so I'm stuck.
>Unless, is there a way to "upgrade" my port speed? Then I could bind my 2
>B channels and come in at 128K. Is this possible?


I have a MacIIci with a Hustler NuBus card that provides 2
high-speed serial ports that will go up to 115K, or 1 port
at 230K. I got the card so that I could get the full benefit of
a V.34 modem with compression (115K with 230K DTE interface).
Sounds like it would due the trick for you. Its made by a company
called Creative Solutions Inc.
4701 Randolf Road, Suite 12
Rockville, MD 20852
(800) 367-8465
(301) 984-0262
FAX (301) 770-1675

As I recall, the board was around $200.

I have no affiliation with CSI except as a satisfied customer. YMMV