Re: Help with Cuseeme and PAL

Borre Ludvigsen (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 03:54:29 -0500

Mike, Don't confuse the man completely!

If what you are saying is that your Video Spigot works OK with ScreenPlay
(i.e. displays and encodes a PAL source OK) but just shows a lot of
horizontal garbage when you fire up CU-SeeMe, then just turn your machine
completely off and start with CU-SeeMe as your first application.

What kind of machine do you have, and what kind of VS card? (We are
running CU-sm on Video Spigots both on IIsi's and Q700's (NUbus) - they
work just fine with PAL.)

- Barre

On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Michael Sattler wrote:

> At 22:48 2/8/95, The HK Connection wrote:
> >I am trying to send out video using Cuseeme. I have a video spigot board
> >tuned to receive PAL video which it does. However when I start up
> >Cuseeme all I get is garbage. Can some one help tweak the Cuseeme
> >settings to accept PAL signal or does it currently work with NTSC only.
> I believe that it has absolutely nothing to do with CU-SeeMe, but rather
> that your VideoSpigot only understands NTSC. Try to get your hands on an
> NTSC video camera and I'll make a bet that everything works wonderfully.
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