Re[3]: Ready for ISDN

Richard Jones (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 04:31:03 -0500

>Line-dropping is no more a feature of ISDN than bad spelling is a feature
>of TCP/IP. Your becomming an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is no
>technical cure if your lab folks can't keep an ISDN up-and-running.

Dont get me wrong, ISDN is good, better than 14.4k anyway, I just feel
that as the internet is getting busier, with things like video
conferencing, etc, things take longer to download/access, and unless
you've got a bottomless communications expenditure account (especially
here in England where ISDN not as cheap as elsewhere) I feel that a
kilostream line could work out better.

Would still like kilostream to my house though :-)