Re: Help with Cuseeme and PAL

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 04:44:45 -0500

>Mike, Don't confuse the man completely!

Sorry, even I get to learn sometimes.

>...then just turn your machine
>completely off and start with CU-SeeMe as your first application.

Why does this help? What is getting initialized incorrectly?

>What kind of machine do you have, and what kind of VS card? (We are
>running CU-sm on Video Spigots both on IIsi's and Q700's (NUbus) - they
>work just fine with PAL.)

Someone told me:

>>0.42 version was separate PAL and NTSC, but since 0.60 both have worked OK

What "version" is this person talking about? The VS hardware rev? VS software?

(If you can't tell, folks, there's a FAQ being written here :-)

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