quicktime conferenceing

arvell (arvell@bilbo.pic.net)
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 11:30:50 -0500

Arvell here,
After reading the pr on the quicktime conferencing I feel this impending
doom for cuseeme for the pc and maybe for mac,s. At $6000 a pop for software
etc. puts me out of the race. I have very high hopes for an affordable
networking solution that provides video,audio,ftp,whiteboard,and curb
service for under the price of a TCP/IP,modem,sound card,video card,and
(PC). The only people I know with mac's are edu's,uncle sam, and my
banker,Not being on the funded end of the money spigot I need a pc based
solution that is reasonable. CUSEEME serves my purpose if we can get it to
fly. Hope I'm not spinning my wheels in the mud. Until then I'll keep my
campbell's soup can and string handy just in case. Anybody got $10,000 they
can spare so i can buy a mac with all the goodies?