Re: Tom Servo?
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 11:27:26 -0500

I think Tom Servo was the default name assigned to the Windows version
of CU_SeeMe (0.34b4), at least it was in the one I pulled from gated.


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Subject: Tom Servo?
Author: jpolly@nysernet.ORG (Jean Armour Polly) at Internet
Date: 2/9/95 10:12 AM

OK, I am a fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3K too, but is there some reason
we see numerous logins by Tom Servo? At first I thought this was one
individual taking up an inordinate amount of bandwidth but now I suspect
there may be a copy of CuSeeMe that defaults to Tom Servo instead of "Your
Name". And lots of people using that version.

The Tom Servo twins (triplets, quadruplets, quints etc) always lurk and do
not broadcast.

Any information on this?