Internet Phone not available...I have no info...Inet Global Phone

Chris Sidi *A man with a passion to create* (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 17:01:07 -0500

Many people have been asking about "InterNet Phone" & one person
helpfully gave me a site (,
but it had Internet *Global* phone 2.1 beta by microwonders. IGP is not nearly
real time on a 386 - don't know about other set-ups. Here's the info I
have from the posting on alt.winsock...can't help anyone out any more. I
suggest a www & alt.winsock search for vocal tek (let me know what you
find out):

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>has anybody tried out INTERNET PHONE (by Vocal Tec Ltd.) ???
>It looks *really good*, but I can't find anybody to talk to on the IRC
>(It's based on IRC).

The program is a superb one that has real potential!

I'm one of the beta testers for Vocaltec, and based on the recent
release (beta 3, btw), the program is very near to being ready for

As far as finding people to try it with goes, that should change
when the product is officially released in a couple weeks. Right now,
it's mostly vocaltec employees (including the author) and a few beta
testers--which means most of the time there's no one available to talk

For those interested in the product, it installs very easily
under winsock, requires a sound board and microphone (or the company's
proprietary speech card), and unlike every other voice communications
program I've seen for the Inet it runs in real time, using a vox to
switch between receive and transmit modes automatically. You don't have
to record your voice first then send (as is common with some programs),
nor do you lose a great deal of speech quality (I understand that with
the vocaltec board itself there is virtually NO loss, despite hardware
compression--even with a Pro Audio Spectrum [the program is designed
around the Sound Blaster card] there is very little--certainly no more
than is present in a typical telephone connection and far less than is
common on ham radio). The program is comfortable with a 14,400 ppp
connection and doesn't seem to be bothered by background processes or
other winsock calls (i.e., Eudora receiving email or WinVN decoding a
file). The interface is clean and easy to use, and (for a change) the
help files really are helpful! Based on their response to the beta
testers, the firm seems rather responsive to both feedback and technical
questions (no waiting on hold either :).

For the record, apart from beta testing the product I have no
connection with vocaltec whatever--I simply believe in promoting a good
product. I expect vocaltec will post a notice here when the product is
released--if not, I'll see to it that information is made available (a
demo version will be available via ftp according to vocaltec).