Over time QuickCam acts flakey

Michael Sattler (msattler@jungle.com)
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 16:50:51 -0500

>From: "robert w. jackman" <jackman@sprcore.bih.harvard.edu>
>Subject: a unique problem
>I am running a QuickCam on a PowerMac 6100, with system 7.5. When
>I first got the camera and installed the QuickCam
>system I had a normal picture. Some days later I disconnected the
>QuickCam and
>installed the Apple Geoport Adapter and Express Modem hardware and software.
>When I reconnected to the QuickCam the picture was quite different, washed out
>and mostly just gray in all but the very lowest light levels. I should say
>that...[stuff about picture changing over time deleted]

Connectix responds:

Changes in contrast levels are generally indicative of power supply issues. As
long as the power supply provided by the port is within the normal known range
the camera should be fine. I suspect that he might have plugged the camera into
the Geoport module, which is NOT the way to connect the camera: we state pretty
plainly that it must be plugged into one of the motherboard ports. A 7100 has
the most power on the serial ports of any Mac we've seen; the 6100 is in
mid-pack. No, it is not possible that he has damaged his VRAM. And the new
software should let him run on the printer port.

Also possible: a partial component failure in the camera that is heat related
and influences power to critical parts. That would explain the slow change in
picture in low-light levels.

He really should contact tech support at support@connectix.com.

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