Re: quicktime conferenceing
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 17:18:37 -0500

I think you're right, Arvell. QuickTime video and other VTC approaches
are not necessarily mutually exclusive. While the DOS/Windows users
are presently at a disadvantage with Cu-SeeMe in terms of the sound
capability, I am expecting this to be eliminated soon. However, I
don't expect to see PCs with QuickTime any time soon (nor do I have 6
grand for the apple of my eye). One of the things that is appealing
about Cu-SeeMe is that it may become the VTC for the masses, while
other more costly approaches probably won't.

On the other hand, CEOs and corporate leaders are unlikely to trash
their high-end VTC setups so that they can all sit around a Connectix
camera. It's just a stratified market, that's all. There is no

Best Regards,

Patrick T. Stingley