Re: Disconnect:How to ?

Thu, 9 Feb 1995 22:01:08 -0500

Michael Sattler wrote:

>At 06:56 2/9/95, Peter Fabian wrote:
>>After disconnecting from the CU-SeeMe,it starts "polling"

>Normal? Yes. Desirable? No. Known? Yes. Read on:
><CITE>Tim Dorcey ( said:</CITE><P>
> With a low capacity connection, this should be set to a very low
>number. You can then select the partipant(s) you want to watch from the....

NBD, but I have not seen this work with WFW. It seems to respond to a queu of
clients (first in) sending video despite efforts to close and select others on busy
reflectors. The same queu pops up. Unique?

pap :>)