Re: quicktime conferenceing

Steve Martin (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 21:25:29 -0500 wrote:
> However, I
> don't expect to see PCs with QuickTime any time soon (nor do I have 6
> grand for the apple of my eye). One of the things that is appealing
> about Cu-SeeMe is that it may become the VTC for the masses, while
> other more costly approaches probably won't.

Are you serious? QuickTime has been available for PC's for over a year.
I'm almost positive their QuickTime video conferencing announcement covers
PC's and Sun's also.

Also, I just got a Mac Quadra 630 with TV/Video input capabilities for
$1400 (6 grand????). OK, that doesn't include the monitor and keyboard.

Steve Martin (Please don't ask, I'm not the actor.)
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