Error starting CUSeeMe

Dan Jones - Information Access Center (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 22:41:12 -0500

Hi All

I'm a BRAND NEW user - who just tried to download and run CUSEEME.
I've read the FAQ, and Ic an't find what I'm doing wrong.

When I start CUSEEME (Windows) it gives me an error message:

Gethostname() failed (11004)

and aborts CUSEEME.

Is this the "Windows needs a host name defined" error the Help file
mentions? I have a HOSTS file and ip address and host name in my
c:\ODI directory (I'm runing Netmanage's Chameleon over their NMODI
drivers). I have a HOSTS file in ODI, Netmanage, Windows,
windows/system - nothing seems to work.

Anybody have any ideas? I'd LOVE to start using this thing!

Thanks in advance,

Dan Jones
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