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Lawrence Brown (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 02:14:44 -0500

> At 16:56 2/9/95, Lawrence Brown wrote:
> >I have a connectix camera. CUSM doesn't see it. Whats wrong?
> >I can recieve video and audio and send audio, but it doesn't see the
> >camera.
> So it's plugged in :-) What version of CU-SeeMe/Mac do you have? When you
> say you can do a/v I'm guessing that you're playing with Connectix's own
> software? What version of that software do you have? What version of
> MacOS? QuickTime? Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0 present?
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Yes its plugged in. :-)
CU-SeeMe.68k0.70b12 (and b10, neither worked)
Mac OS 7.5
Quicktime version 2.0
Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0 is present.
Quickmovie 1.0.1
QuickPict 1.0.1

I have verified operation via the Connectix Software and it even works
with the QTC software. I have verified that I can recieve video and audio
and send audio via the CU-SeeMe, linking to a guy on the East Coast.

I'm running it on a 540c with 32mb of memory and a half gig of disk,
directly connected to ethernet. I have the ADB+Serial adaptor to
insure that the camera is getting enough power, and I've had a engineer
at Connectix verify that the camera works. (That was _BEFORE_ I started
trying to use CU-SeeMe, else I'd just ask the tech, FYI...).

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