Re: Connectix camera woes

Stan Borinski (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 02:57:16 -0500

> Lawrence Brown wrote:
> Yes its plugged in. :-)
> CU-SeeMe.68k0.70b12 (and b10, neither worked)

Caught ya...

>From Michael's FAQ:

> What video conferencing software is QuickCam compatible with?
> ...
> CU-SeeMe by Cornell University
> CU-SeeMe is available by FTP at You are
> looking for the following file(s): CU-SeeMePPc0.80b1 - for Power Macintosh
> models CU-SeeMe68k0.80b1 - for 680x0 Macs The first version of CU-SeeMe that
> worked with QuickCam was version 0.70b13

Of course, you should now go get 0.80b2. (And grab the Talk module while
you're at it.)


P.S. - OK, now do I get a free router? :)

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