inverted video and transfer questions

Jacob Ström (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 04:01:00 -0500

Hello, I've just started with CU-SeeMe and I have some questions:

I've got a problem with the windows W0.34b4 version of CU-SeeMe. I use
a composite colour video camera and a Vitec captuer card that works
fine with VidCap. My problem is that the video seems to be inverted
in CU-SeeMe, i.e. black is white and vice versa. I do not have this
problem in VidCap. I use a standard SuperVGA 800x600 256 col.

I am also interested in some technical DETAILS concerning CUSeeMe, and
I cannot find them in the FAQ I have. Here they come:

1) What image compression algorithm is CU-SeeMe using?
2) I think I have grasped that the trasmission is done by UDP:s,
but could anyone tell me more in detail how this is done?

I would be very grateful for answers to thesee questions,

thanks in advance,

/Jacob Strom