NetPhone announced

Ben Anderson Ben Anderson (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 06:18:30 -0500


a front page article in today's UK Guardian newspaper says:

"Internet opens line on cheap global phone calls" (by Nick Rosen)

A quick paraphrase goes:

Andrew Green (a graduate of UCL, London) of Electric Magic Company, San
Francisco, has invented NetPhone, a realtime audio program for the Mac
(only) that allows users to make international phone calls via the internet
using modem-based connectons. NetPhone does some cool compression in order
to reduce the required 8,000 bytes p/s to the modem capability of 1,800
bytes p/s.


A free demo can be had from

This demo closes the connection after 45 seconds.

(my guess is that you can also get it from the other info-mac archives
around the world)

The whole slant of the article was that this sort of technology allows
international calls to be made for the price of a local call (to your
internet access providor). It argues that the price of buying the hardware
(a Mac) and the software (about 40 pounds, UK) will be rapidly offset by
the saving in call charges.... hmm.

According to the article Green admits that the shared bandwidth nature of
the internet does limit his 'invention'.

As we all know.


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