Re: Internet Phone not available...I have no info...Inet Global Phone

EyeOn-Eyes (eyeon@Tach.Net)
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 15:40:41 -0500

> Guess they'll be a LONG line at that Ftp site.... haha :) better
>turn on all your ftp clients and put them on "fast redial"...thanx for
>the info...

Don't know anything bout the PC v. of this. I wager it's made by a
completely different co. than produces the Mac program called "NetPhone",
by Electric Magic Co.. Nonetheless, as was stated earlier, Netphone is
available in demo form from all the Info-Mac mirrors. I got it immediately
after I read the anouncement, and it works *great* over even a 14.4K modem.
Much better than Maven; you can actually converse!

What I'd like to do is try it simultaneously with CU-Seeme. I think that
won't work so well over a dialup.

Anyone on a dialup w/ send capability and a copy of Netphone who would like
to try this please write to me and we'll test it out.

Later -