Re: NetPhone announced

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 16:59:01 -0500

At 03:18 2/10/95, Ben Anderson Ben Anderson wrote:
>a front page article in today's UK Guardian newspaper says:
>Andrew Green (a graduate of UCL, London) of Electric Magic Company, San
>Francisco, has invented NetPhone, a realtime audio program for the Mac
>(only) that allows users to make international phone calls via the internet
>using modem-based connectons....

John Gehlken and I tried NetPhone the moment we heard about it. Over 14.4
kbps modems (Powerbook to PowerMac) through the *same* Internet provider a
few miles away it's performance was, how should I delicately say this,
abysmal. We got nothing intelligible thru it. Someday we may try it with
two stripped Macs (only MacTCP, no other INITs). If anyone has better
experiences please let me know.

I'll add the pointer to NetPhone to the FAQ.

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