PowerBooks and QuickCam - Official

Ian Simmins (damien666@easynet.co.uk)
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 17:09:26 -0500

I mailed Connectix asking about the power problem, this was their answer:

>QuickCam draws its power from the serial port. The 100-series and Duo
>200-series PowerBooks power QuickCam without problem. Most 500-series
>PowerBooks deliver enough power for QuickCam, as well. Unfortunately, some
>PowerBook/QuickCam combinations do not work. This is due to variations in parts
>tolerances on the PowerBooks and, to a lesser extent, QuickCam. Typical
>symptoms of power deficiency are either an entirely black display in QuickMovie
>or QuickPICT, or pictures that appear only intermittently.
>There is a way to supply enough power to make QuickCam work, even on PowerBooks
>with marginal power. Connectix manufactures a jumper cable that uses power
>from the ADB port to power QuickCam - the ADB port has much more power than the
>serial port, and was designed to power multiple devices. Registered owners of
>QuickCam with PowerBooks that do not supply enough power may obtain this cable
>for $9.95. We will NOT send out this cable to anyone who just asks for one -
>we will need to talk to people to establish the need beforehand.

Ian Simmins,
Nr. Sidmouth, Devon,
South West England. damien666@easynet.co.uk