Re: Connectix camera woes

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 16:58:33 -0500

At 23:57 2/9/95, Stan Borinski wrote:
>Caught ya...
>>From Michael's FAQ:
>> What video conferencing software is QuickCam compatible with?

Thanks, Stan. You're proof the system works :-) Read the FAQs, it's not
only a good idea, but if you don't Stan will throw it in your face. Yea!

>P.S. - OK, now do I get a free router? :)

Sure! I'm looking through the stash of free stuff that Ascend and Cisco
sent me, and... oops, only a Cray and a few Radio Shack Model II boxen
sitting here. I'm sending you a 300 baud acoustic coupler instead. Makes
a great doorstop.

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