Re: Publicize CU-SeeMe!!!

EyeOn-Eyes (eyeon@Tach.Net)
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 18:37:18 -0500

Thanks for all of your well thought out responses.

The point however is not the techno-literateness required to use
this tech. It is the concept that this tech exemplifies: one-ot-one or
one-to-many or many-to-many communcations. Bilateral communications.
Everyone empowered to send as well as receive, NOT just be a mindless
recipient of what some mega-corporation dictates as entertainment.

The Internet itself, once a bastion of seriously eggheaded types,
is becoming more accessable every day.

Like byron wrote about companies like Microsoft pushing Windows,
high tech can be made into a household concept if private enterprise gets
behind it enthusiastically.

But private enterprise thinks the public wants nothing more than to
be able to dial up Tom Cruise w/o leaving the house.

Whatever actual software gets pushed isn't important - it's the
recognition by private industry of a demand to build an infrastructure
necessary to let everyone, *paying* customers all, do more than get
SuperCable TV.

They'll lay the lines that bring hi-bandwidth to your home, if they
can smell profit in it. Remember when cable TV was something only rare
elite familes had?

The market drives technology as much or more than the reverse
being true.