Re: NetPhone announced

EyeOn-Eyes (eyeon@Tach.Net)
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 18:47:10 -0500

>John Gehlken and I tried NetPhone the moment we heard about it. Over 14.4
>kbps modems (Powerbook to PowerMac) through the *same* Internet provider a
>few miles away it's performance was, how should I delicately say this,
>abysmal. We got nothing intelligible thru it.

Tried it the second I heard about (today), too, and I thought it worked
*great*. Also using 14.4K
but my NetPhone pal is in New Mexico, whereas I am in Florida.

Using it simul- w/ CUseeme, the results are less good (still at 14.4K), but
whaddya expect: George Burns to pop out of a cake in a bikini?