Re: Internet Phone not available...I have no info...Inet Global Phone

global2 (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 19:27:27 -0500

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> Don't know anything bout the PC v. of this. I wager it's made by a
> completely different co. than produces the Mac program called "NetPhone",

It is indeed...some company called VocalTech - their details are on the web
page, but you can email at

I am wondering if there will be ports of either of these products, (ie netphone
for pc and internet phone for mac) -if that is possible, given compression
standards -I believe that Internet Phone uses some kind of Windows speech
compression said to give 14:1 compression - ie speech down to 8000bps approx.
This sounds interesting, but of course can't tell til monday. Their ftp site
is up and running at the moment - but of course -nothing in it.


Ps. I do not work for them :-)