Internet phone vs. Maven

C. R. Coberley (
Mon, 11 Feb 1991 04:23:12 -0500

Perhaps I am not aware of some advantage that the "Internet Phone" program
provides over Maven, and someone please inform me if I am wrong.

However, I have used both the Internet Phone program and Maven, and found
that Maven gives me 1) Much better throughput and 2) Much better sound
quality over my PPP connection at 28.8 (Mac Quadra 650)

Given that InternetPhone is commercial software with a rather ridiculous
price for similar features, why would anyone be interested in this product,
when Maven has been available for quite some time?

I'm sure the readers of this list are aware of Maven, so tell me, am I
missing some advantage that Internet Phone offers over Maven?


In message <> writes:
> Many people have been asking about "InterNet Phone"
>Their web page is
but it is very much a construction site...


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