confusion over Iphone and NetPhone

global2 (
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 08:23:02 -0500


there seems to be some confusion over these various phone products that are
out.....just to clear the record

There are several....

1 - IVC -Internet Voice Chat - windows - non-realtime - encodes at 11kHz - no
compression, so slow over modems - but good voice quality

2 - Internet Global Phone - windows - non-realtime - encodes at?? - two
versions 8bit and 16bit - encodes using GSM - poor quality (barely legible) but
faster than IVC - freeware, source code available. (I don't think there is a
version for the MAC but I may be wrong)

3 - NetPhone - mac - what all the fuss is about at the moment - REALTIME over
modem!!! - demoware (costs around $80 - not sure as I dont have a MAC I haven't
tried it :-( ). BY Electric Magic Company

4 - Internet Phone - windows - to be released on Monday 13th feb at their ftp
site - REALTIME over modem!!! - demoware - can't
wait to try this one. by VocalTec Ltd., - NOTE: a DIFFerent company to
NetPhone - i.e. a different product as well. So it is unlikely that NetPhone
users will be able to talk to InternetPhone users - but you never know.

5 - Maven - for the mac - I don't know anything about it.....

6 - Oh yeah, there's something called CU-SeeMe, or something like that - don't
know what it does though... :-)

Status of platform ports of these....I don't know, does anyone???

Steve.....saving up for a Mac....